Regardless of your age or language knowledge, at Serendipity Foreign Language Centre ​​you will find an ideal course absolutely adapted to your needs. Start learning English from the very beginning or upgrade your existing knowledge by choosing the most suitable course.

Through courses at Serendipity Foreign Language Centre, we enable our students to learn English in a pleasant and relaxed working atmosphere. Experienced teachers approach all students individually and encourage them to use the foreign language as freely as possible. This method of work ensures faster and more efficient mastering of the English language.

Our Courses:

Devojka sedi za lap topom

Courses for pre-schoolers

Dynamic and interactive classes enable our youngest students to effectively learn English through social games, creative workshops, recitation and acting.

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Kolege gledaju u papire

Primary school courses

By applying the most up to date conversational method, we motivate our students to speak a foreign language as freely as possible from the first class of the course, at the same time activating already acquired knowledge and acquiring new knowledge.

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Decko i devojka na casu

English language courses for high school students

Courses for high school students are designed to be dynamic, interactive and thematically receptive to teenagers, in order to master the grammar and vocabulary of the English language in the most interesting way.

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Devojka sedi za lap topom

English language courses for adults

The focus of this course is on mastering and developing the skills of oral communication and expression in English. A specially designed method that is easy and understandable ensures the successful acquisition of the English language.

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Kolege gledaju u papire

Language courses for businesses

Language courses for businesses are specially created according to the needs of your company and include case studies from various areas of business, as well as constant practice of basic communication skills.

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Biznismen popunjava rokovnik

Business English course

Mastery of skills, both in terms of oral conversations and business correspondence in English, can be important for your business. Participants in this course learn to use terms from business discourse correctly.

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Studenti polazu ispit

Preparatory courses for taking the FCE, CAE and BEC exams

Certificate of passing an internationally recognized exam is required when applying for most foreign universities, internships or jobs in international companies.

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Zena iz azije gleda u svesku

Serbian for Foreigners

Serbian for Foreigners is a language course intended for people from abroad who work and/or live in Serbia. The main purpose of the course is to enable foreigners to use the Serbian language actively in the working environment as well as in everyday situations. The language used for teaching is English.

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Covek u beloj kosulji gleda u kompjuter

Individual English language courses

Gain knowledge of English according to a curriculum tailored to your needs and in the hours that suit you best. Individual courses are organized for students of all ages and all levels of knowledge.

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Not sure which course is best for you? We offer you free testing and consultation with our professional team of lecturers.