Courses for pre-schoolers

Dynamic and interactive classes enable our youngest students to effectively learn English through social games, creative workshops, recitation and acting.

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Learning while playing

English language courses for children are organized to suit the age, needs, cognitive, psychophysical and social development of our youngest students. We use the highest quality standard materials and textbooks, as well as additional content that stimulates the already existing curiosity of children. This makes them really love English classes.

English language for children

Learning a foreign language during preschool brings many benefits that contribute to effective language acquisition.

By the age of five, children unconsciously and automatically adopt phonological rules and morphosyntactic basics of a foreign language, so this period is an ideal time to start learning a non-native language. Using creative learning methods, at Serendipity Foreign Language Centre we provide children with motivation to master English.

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Course description

Interactive board games, language chat rooms and creative workshops are just some of the ways in which our youngest learners learn English. Through song, recitation, play and acting, children spontaneously adopt isolated concepts first, and then whole sentences.
Classes for children take place in a cheerful and dynamic atmosphere and are supplemented by modern audio and visual content that helps children master a foreign language in the simplest possible way.

We encourage our students to freely use the new words, phrases and sentences they have learned. This relieves anxiety when using English.

We connect word and image, phrase and situation, dance to favourite children’s songs in English, learn and understand them.

 Learning through fun enables a spontaneous way of learning rules and new words of the English language, without children feeling the burden of learning at all.

With dedicated teachers trained to work with children, our pre-schoolers are enabled to learn English in a creative way in small mentoring groups where an individual approach to each child comes to the fore.

Such an approach ensures that the youngest ones relax during the classes and communicate to the maximum, both with the teachers and with their friends from the group. Children’s curiosity and active asking of questions have a positive effect on the acquisition of new knowledge and the expansion of knowledge in various areas of language.

In addition to learning English, children during this course create a foundation for multilingualism, develop concentration and creativity, while at the same time gaining new friends and improving their social skills.
Class load includes sixty-four classes lasting forty-five minutes.