English as an eternal inspiration

They say that if you do what you love, no Monday is bad. At our Serendipity Foreign Language Centre, Mondays with a bad reputation do not exist. All lecturers love their work and for them, English is their first love that inspires and motivates them every day.

By constantly improving and mastering our knowledge in the field of English, we contribute to providing our students with the highest quality and efficient learning experience during which they will be fluent and free to speak in a foreign language.

Our teachers

She is a graduated teacher of English language and literature and Master Philologist in the field of teaching methodology. She works a lot, and travels even more! She has a reputation of a dedicated, motivated professor who advocates for a working and professional atmosphere.

Sometimes strict, but always ready to joke. She uses the breaks between classes to rest by doing a series of squats. She’s a walking encyclopedia. Order, work, and discipline with the addition of a joke and a sincere smile are what characterize Dunja’s classes.

The only thing that is not certain about Višnja is what is wider- her smile or the knowledge of English she has. Eternally smiling and cheerful, she leaves a pleasant impression on everyone she comes in contact with. She is a graduate professor of English language and literature and Master Philologist in the field of contact linguistics.

Spontaneous and ready to answer all questions. She encourages students to correct their mistakes on their own, which has proven to be an indisputable way to eradicate repeated mistakes. Always ready to take up challenges, whether it’s eight classes in a row or a month without sweets, she wins every time!

Good speaker, even better listener. Enthusiastic and motivated to further motivate the people around her. She is characterized by the skill of patience and constant readiness to help. She perceives learning as an interactive process of knowledge exchange where students, as well as professors, have a very active role. She pays special attention to learning about culture, which she considers to be her fifth language skill.

She loves English, teaching and learning. In order to motivate students to love the English language to the maximum, laughter, enjoyment and dynamic teaching are an integral part of her classes.

A chocoholic, a sleeper, a lover of black humour and a lover of street cats and dogs.

A fan of interactive teaching and transferring knowledge to students in a fun way. The traditional teaching in which the teacher teaches and the student just sits and listens is not to her liking. She tries to get to know the students so that she can adapt the English language material to their needs and interests in the best and most efficient way. She is direct and honest, but not strict. She believes that she can learn something from everyone and for that reason she adores her job in which knowledge is exchanged every day.

What makes our classes special?

Motivisani profesori


The teachers at Serendipity Foreign Language Centre are highly motivated professionals eager to transfer their knowledge to all their students as efficiently as possible. By constantly improving and adopting the latest methods of teaching, we strive to provide you with the highest quality teaching.



The atmosphere in our Foreign Language Centre is such that it encourages all students to maximize interaction with the teachers, which has a positive effect on relieving stage fright and fear when using a foreign language.

Kvalitetni materijali


Teaching materials are fully tailored to the unique needs of students and include textbooks from renowned publishers in the field of foreign language teaching (Oxford, Cambridge, Macmillan, Longman), as well as additional interactive materials.

Rad bez stresa


Positive environment, as well as relaxed, but at the same time, working atmosphere are the basic preconditions for effective foreign language acquisition. This is exactly what awaits you in English language classes at Serendipity Foreign Language Centre.