Serbian for Foreigners

Serbian for Foreigners is a language course intended for people from abroad who work and/or live in Serbia. The main purpose of the course is to enable foreigners to use the Serbian language actively in the working environment as well as in everyday situations. The language used for teaching is English.

Osnovci za stolom na casu

Course Content

Programme is designed in such a way that the course attendant actively participates in the learning process, adopting and internalising language structures and vocabulary, which are necessary in order to enhance one’s overall language skills. Class activities are properly balanced in order to stimulate reading, writing, and speaking abilities equally.

Besides the basic textbook Individual Lesson Programme curriculum includes the use of additional material such as handouts, flash cards, as well as audio and video material, in order to provide further motivation and faster progress of course attendants.

SERBIAN FOR FOREIGNERS is offered to both natural and legal persons.